El-608 high precision CNC servo automatic feeding cutting saw

  • ● German mature technology, the main parts are all imported brands.

    ● Suitable for cutting and blanking of doors and windows, curtain walls, aluminum formwork and industrial profiles.

    ● The saw blade is made of cemented carbide, the feed is made of imported wire rail, the motor is directly connected with the saw blade, the imported servo motor, and the machining accuracy is high. The cutting surface is smooth.

  • Technical parameters
  • Cutting style

Model: el-608

Brand: Ye Lu

Power of main engine: 3kw-7.5kw

Saw blade size: 500 × thirty × T120 (can be equipped with sawblade under 600)

Cutting size: 150 × 350mm

Single feeding length: 720mm

Overall dimension: (L) 2350 ×( W)1350 ×( H)1550mm