El-470 high speed four axis NC Machining Center

  • ● German mature technology, the main parts are all imported brands.

    ●Suitable for drilling, milling, carving and other processing of various aluminum profiles, especially in doors, windows, curtain walls and other fields.

    ●Equipped with 8-Position follow-up tool magazine, automatic and fast tool change.

    ●Three surfaces can be machined in one clamping, and axis a can be machined at 0-180 ° Do any angle processing on the surface.

    ●Equipped with 9kw high-power spindle, supporting double working areas.

  • Technical parameters
  • Cutting style

Model: el-470

Brand: Ye Lu

Spindle power: 9kw

X-axis processing range: 7000mm

Y-axis processing range: 600mm

Z-axis processing range: 350mm

Spindle speed: 0-24000r. P.m

X-axis speed: 120m / min

Y-axis speed: 80m / min

Z-axis speed: 50M / min