El-607 NC arbitrary angle circular saw

  • ● German mature technology, the main parts are all imported brands.

    ●Suitable for aviation, auto parts, 3C field, aluminum template and industrial profile cutting.

    ●The saw blade is made of cemented carbide, the feed is made of imported wire rail, the motor is directly connected with the saw blade, the ●imported servo motor, and the machining accuracy is high.

    ●The cutting surface is smooth.

  • Technical parameters
  • Cutting style

Model: el-607

Brand: Ye Lu

Cutting angle range: °~ thirty °

Cutting section size: 400x200mm

Power of main motor: 3kw-7.5kw

Saw blade size: Φ 600x Φ thirty

Main motor speed: 3000rpm

Working air pressure: 0.6-0.8mpa

Working voltage: 380V