El-618 five axis CNC compound multi angle double head saw

  • ● German mature technology, the main parts are all imported brands.

    ●The German "bottom-up" safe and efficient cutting method is adopted.

    ●Servo control, five axis linkage.

    ●It can cut complex angles, especially for curtain wall and sunshine room.

  • Technical parameters
  • Cutting style

Model: el-618

Brand: Ye Lu

Motor power: 3kw x 2

Saw blade size: Φ  600x30xT120

Rotation range: 45 °~ ninety °~ one hundred and thirty-five °

Swing angle range: 45 °~ ninety °

Cutting range: 420 × 220mm

Cutting accuracy: ± 0.1mm/m

Maximum cutting length: 5500mm


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