Characteristics of processing technology of numerical control equipment

2021-05-20 14:35:00
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1. Metal cutting CNC machine tools

The CNC machine tools corresponding to the traditional turning, milling, drilling, grinding and gear processing include CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC drilling machine, CNC grinder, CNC gear processing machine, etc. Although there are great differences in the processing methods of these CNC machine tools, and the specific control methods are also different, but the action and movement of the machine tools are digitally controlled, with a high degree of productivity and automation.

Adding a tool magazine and tool changing device to a common CNC machine tool becomes a CNC machining center machine tool. Machining center machine tool further improves the degree of automation and production efficiency of ordinary CNC machine tools. For example, the milling, boring and drilling machining center is formed by adding a large capacity tool magazine and automatic tool changing device on the basis of the CNC milling machine. After the workpiece is clamped at one time, it can carry out milling, boring, drilling, expanding, reaming, tapping and other multi process processing on the four or even five sides of the box parts, especially suitable for the processing of box parts. The machining center machine tool can effectively avoid the positioning error caused by the repeated installation of the workpiece, reduce the number of machine tools and the floor area, shorten the auxiliary time, and greatly improve the production efficiency and processing quality.

2. CNC machine tools for non-traditional machining

In addition to cutting CNC machine tools, CNC technology is also widely used in CNC WEDM machine tools, CNC EDM forming machine tools, CNC plasma arc cutting machine tools, CNC flame cutting machine tools and CNC laser processing machine tools.

3. CNC machine tools for plate processing

The common CNC machine tools used in sheet metal processing include CNC press, CNC shearing machine and CNC bending machine.

In recent years, numerical control technology is widely used in other mechanical equipment, such as numerical control multi coordinate measuring machine, automatic plotter and industrial robot.

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