Why CNC equipment should not be sealed for a long time

2021-05-20 14:41:00
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After the purchase of CNC machine tools, it is necessary to make full use of them, especially in the first year of use, so as to expose the weak links that are prone to failure as soon as possible and eliminate them within the warranty period. In order to reduce the wear of clutch, gear and other devices, the opening and closing of CNC machine spindle should be reduced as far as possible. When there is no processing task, the CNC machine tool should also be powered on regularly. It is better to power on 1-2 times a week, and run idle for about 1 hour each time, so as to reduce the humidity in the machine by using the heat of the machine tool itself, so that the electronic components will not be affected by moisture. At the same time, it can also find out whether there is insufficient battery power alarm in time, so as to prevent the loss of system set parameters.

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