Aluminum Association annual meeting commending [Yelu equipment wins three awards]

2021-12-23 09:49:00
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On December 12, 2020, the annual meeting of Foshan Sanshui District aluminum processing industry association (hereinafter referred to as "Sanshui Aluminum Association") was held in Lubao Hot Spring Resort Hotel, Sanshui District, with the theme of "win-win situation together". The meeting not only analyzes the relevant policy trend and development prospect of aluminum processing industry, but also gives a grand recognition to the outstanding enterprises in this year!


Ye Lu numerical control equipment attended the annual meeting of Sanshui Aluminum Association

With excellent achievements, Ye Lu numerical control equipment has won two honors, namely "positive contribution award" and "innovation intelligent manufacturing Award"! More by the three water Aluminum Association awarded the "vice president unit" honorary title!


Innovation and manufacturing Award


Vice president unit


Positive contribution award

These three honors are the years of efforts to make a strong affirmation of the Yelu numerical control equipment, but also let us more firmly in the aluminum processing industry development direction!

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The winning style of Ye Lu numerical control equipment





The numerical control equipment of Yelu in the event of the excellent performance



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2020 is approaching the end. We all know that this year is a particularly difficult year for all walks of life. However, no matter any difficult obstacles, Ye Lu CNC equipment still adheres to the camp, and insists on building reputation with quality in the aluminum processing industry and giving back to customers with the best products.

Fortunately, we have you on the way of aluminum. Let us move forward to 2021 hand in hand, gather strength to continue to move forward and create win-win situation together!