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Yelu CNC Equipment·Joining Project Introduction

Brand Name: Yelu Equipment

Business scope: distribution, regional agency, regional development

Franchise Area: National

Investment amount: come to the factory for interview and inspection

Suitable for the crowd: people who love work, have a sense of responsibility, and have a sense of responsibility

Franchise products: aluminum cutting saws, CNC sawing machines

Joining consultation: Mr. Li 18666777070

Yelu CNC Equipment·Global high-end industrial aluminum profile processing and control equipment system integrator

Foshan Yelu Numerical Control Equipment Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, sales and service. It has developed into a global high-end industrial aluminum profile processing numerical control equipment system integrator. Our products are widely used in various fields such as rail transportation equipment, aerial photography, aviation equipment, 3C industrial fields, office furniture, electronics, medical equipment, new energy, auto parts and so on. Yelu Equipment is committed to becoming a leading brand in the field of high-speed and high-precision CNC special machine tools, industrialization, intelligent manufacturing and automation equipment.